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EMS information will be upated when EMS recieves it overhaul update. For now, here is the most recently download & info page from the old wiki

What Is EMS?


EMS, meaning Emergent Mission System - is LU's official replacement mission system for vanilla missions as well as a unique mission framework for use by anyone to create missions within the MSCI.

What Makes EMS Unique?

EMS aims to make missions emergent within the universe, this means that rather then fly around from sector to sector contacting mission agents you may discover missions while exploring purely out of the events that occur in the universe. Standard game play such as repelling a Xenon invasion becomes a mission, rather then spawning a group of random enemy's when you accept a mission EMS watches for what already happens in the universe to generate content for you.

EMS is not limited to only combat missions, coming in future updates are Trade and Build missions, special OCV missions and Exploration missions. EMS is also capable of creating story missions, if someone ever writes an actual plotline.

EMS Also aims to eliminate the use of Menus as much as possible when dealing with missions.

What to Expect

In keeping with the harsh nature of LU, EMS, unlike the standard mission system, will not hand you anything on silver platters. It is up to you to find missions in the game world, you must explore to do this in both hostile and friendly space.

If your an avid mission runner, EMS will drastically change your game play, providing emergent experience throughout the game via event scanning - this should create a more believable atmosphere within the game as EMS will not spawn enemies for the soul purpose of letting the player kill them.

This is just the begining EMS is in its infancy, Its current mission set are the basics required for release but its event scanner will be updated and improved over the coarse of EMS's lifetime, New missions will be added as well as new functionality to improve the amount of events happening in the universe.

Hoes does EMS work?

So, you may be asking, if you never use a menu and accept a mission, how do you - well, accept a mission?

The answer is you dont, Not in the same sense as what you do currently. In your travels you will come across missions, these missions will be displayed in a brand new interface on the right side of the screen (See Fig 1a). The new interface will tell you a brief description of what is involved in the missions and its your choice to act on that mission, or not.


(Fig 1a - GUI Version Litcubes Malachite)

You are given the choice - Do, or Do Not (There is no try!). If you do, you are rewarded, if you do not - shame on you for letting that poor transport die.

Of course, some missions do need some sort of menu, such as to buy a ship - These missions will have menus that give the most information without fuss in the simplest menu possible and will be accessible via a universal hot-key that is context sensitive to the object your targeting.

Why a seperate download?

Why is EMS a seperate download and not built into the LUV base package?

EMS contains several incompatibilities, Other mission systems (including the vanilla mission system which gets disabled when you install EMS) can cause problems when EMS is installed - Best effort will be made and is being made now and into the future to allow for EMS to work along side other systems. The reason this incompatibility exists is because EMS scans the universe for events, events such as hostile ships in friendly space. If such events are caused by other mission systems and these other mission systems also provide a reward system for these events, EMS and the other script will both start rewarding the player for doing the same thing, creating an imbalance in the system. There are several ways to combat this but they will be outlined in future technical documentation.

The other reason for separating EMS from the LU core download is that EMS currently only functions on windows versions of the game, this is due to how EMS renders its new UI - However, it should still function under Wine. This questionable multi-platform support is the main reason for the seperate download, in the future we hope to have a Linux native solution but that wont be for some time yet.

While EMS is an addon download, full support will be given to users running EMS as if they were running LUV. Please make note of the fact that you're using EMS in you're save games that get posted as part of bug reports so that they may be properly debugged.

  1. summary EMS Install Instructions.

Install Instructions


Install Checklist:

Please run through the install checklist every time you wish to update EMS, as some requirements may change. Also please check to see if EMS has been updated every time you update LU.
  • Ensure you are running LU *Version 1.4.6* or later.
  • Ensure you have installed a GUI from GUI Installer *Version 1.2.3* or later.
If you meet the above requirements, simply download the EMS installer. The EMS installer will ask you to select a GUI version,* select the same GUI version you installed via the LU GUI installer previously*.
If you wish to switch GUI in the future, please re-run the LU GUI installer and the EMS installer.

After installing EMS, *be sure to bind the "EMS: Action" hotkey*, this is multi-function hotkey used by EMS, you will receive visual feedback on screen when an action is available.

Optionally, you may perform an Export and Import - This is *not required* however it will allow EMS to gain full understanding of the universe immediately, rather then building up that knowledge over time, resulting in more active missions upfront. If you are installing EMS and patching LU at the same time, make sure EMS is installed *before Importing* for best results.


EMS Version 1.0.2A

Bug Reports

Think you've found bug? *save the game immediately!* EMS data is highly transient and if what your observing is a bug, all evidence of it will be erased when the mission ends, a save-game as far away from mission completion as possible is the most ideal for bug reports. Save games are absolutely required, as under almost all normal circumstances a description alone will not be enough.

ENB Details

EMS currently does not support ENB's, if you use a graphics mod such as SweetFX EMS will override the mod's core d3d9.dll file, rendering it inoperable. I will try to fix this after release if it becomes an issue.

Implemented Missions

all EMS missions are based on content that already exists in the universe, no mission is allowed to violate the "no spawning" cardinal rule.

  • SOS

SOS, short for "save our souls" - is a mission type that is dynamically generated by certain types of ships within the universe. These missions are generated mostly by traders when they are attacked or targeted by hostile forces. Your success at this mission is determined by whether or not the ship in distress makes it out alive or not.

  • SOS: Vengeance

From time to time, the SOS mission can escalate into an Vengeance mission. If the SOS ship dies, what would usually result in a failed mission becomes a retaliatory mission, the goal of which is to defeat or drive off the attacking forces within the time allotted.

  • Smuggler Interception

Finally a real use for your police licence! Track down undercover pirate smugglers and bring them to justice! Be vewwy vewwy quiet... we're hunting wabbits!

  • Invasion

From time to time invasion forces from the Xenon and Pirates can be found around the universe. This mission has two diffrent routes to success, you can destroy the invasion in the sector its invading, or intercept the invasion before it reaches its target for bonus rewards!

  • Task-force Escort

A Task-force has entered hostile space on orders classified at the highest level, your task - should you choose to accept it - is to help the task force find its way though what could quite probably be a suicide mission. Due to the unique nature of this mission there are no records of its existence, you will be rewarded periodically by the task-force commander for your ongoing assistance.

  • Second Hand Ships

Second hand ship sales will be generated from ships within the universe that are returning to base to be mothballed, or that are returning to a shipyard to be scrapped in the case of NPC salvagers.

  • Sector Defense

Sector defense missions are created by Task-force commanders, recon scouts, OWP's and Military Bases. Defend the sector at all costs.

Upcoming Missions

Significant changes to EMS are coming with the EMS 2.0 update, however a release date for this update is not known.