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This page contains the complete running change log since LU's initial release.


Each entry in the cangelog is annotated with one of the following, to indicate its severity:

  • 1 = Very minor
  • 2 = Minor
  • 3 = Average
  • 4 = Critical
  • 5 = Seriously Fucking Critical
  • EI is an acronym for Export/Import

Version 2.3.0EI Unreleased

 * (3) Fixed:  Now uses get mine yield command to ensure mines remain consistent (requires code base Geoduck)

Version 2.2.5EI January 26, 2016

 * (4) Fixed:  Player billions in account wasn't exporting (embarrassing)
 * (1) Fixed:  Sector player started in during import would be set to known despite the contrary
 * Changed: Ships hidden from property menu remain hidden after import (1.6.0 and later only)

Version 2.2.3EI January 22, 2016

 * (-) Changed:  Included blueprint archiving
 * (-) Changed:  Included Q Laser Configs
 * (-) Changed:  Included home point

Version 2.2.0EI November 7, 2014

 * (4) Fixed:  If you tried to export a version less than 1.3.5 to a newer vesion, hang could happen with revelation importing

Version 2.1.9EI October 31, 2014

 * (5) Fixed:  Fucking efficiency on Mines was not set properly

Version 2.1.8EI October 26th, 2014

 * (5) Fixed:  OCV ship export

Version 2.1.5EI October 24th, 2014

 * (-) Changed:  EI recreates all asteroids/debris
 * (-) Upgraded:  Courier save queue support

Version 2.1.4EI October 9, 2014

 * (-) Changed:  Phanon, OCV messages on EI suppressed
 * (-) Changed:  LU.EI.IgnoreThis will ignore the object during export

Version 2.1.3EI October 4, 2014

 * (2) Fixed:  Safeguard to prevent an export within the first 5 minutes of a game.  Shit needs to be setup before you export.
 * (-) EI implemented:  Ware discovered status

Version 2.1.2EI September 18, 2014

 * (2) Fixed:  EI wasn't putting player in correct sector after complex connections
 * (1) Fixed:  Small check for < and > characters

Version 2.1.1EI September 18, 2014

 * (2) Fixed:  Sector/Map change support for versions older than 1.3.4

Version 2.1.0EI September 17, 2014

 * (2) Fixed:  Salvage insurance no longer doubles
 * (2) Fixed:  Dock Agent, Freighter also get stray ware cleanup
 * (1) Fixed:  Laser towers import as already setup
 * (-) EI implemented:  Complex connections
 * (-) EI implemented:  Dock MLCC is installed
 * (-) EI implemented:  MLCC Tasks
 * (-) EI implemented:  MLCC Missile ROEs
 * (-) EI implemented:  MLCC Hangar info
 * (-) EI implemented:  Stock exchange stocks, no longer have to empty stock exchange before EI
 * (-) EI implemented:  Ships now put into environment if it was owned by player (i.e. ship or station)
 * (-) EI implemented:  Qshuttles
 * (-) EI implemented:  Autostart supported:  UT, ST, Station Agent, Dock Agent, Freighter, Attack Nearest, Attack Same, Protect, Deploy Satellites, Explore Universe, Scan Asteroids, Tug
Notes on this version
 * Exporting from less than LU1.3.5 to newer version:  
   * 1) Bad news: Your ships will not autostart, you will have to reissue new commands and ensure cargo bays are empty.
   * 1) Good news: From version LU1.3.5 on, several scripts will autostart after an EI (see patch notes)
   * 2) Bad news: If you have this script installed, your EI will fail.  You'll have to remove the escape codes manually using a text editor.
   * 2) Good news: From version LU1.3.5 on, the EI properly strips this error out.
   * 3) Bad news: MLCC will be uninstalled on all docks.
   * 3) Good news: From version LU1.3.5 on, MLCC is properly E/I'd.