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Thank you. If I've left you out, spelled your name wrong, or whatever, E-MAIL ME:

DrBullwinkle: For being the backbone of the presentation of this mod. He was the catalyst for the wiki, some great ideas, and all around supportive guy. LU would not exist if not for him and his support. Thank you.

Jack08: We conquered stuff that we can't talk about. Always available to chew the fat over technical BS. Thanks.

TrixX: The diplomat. Thanks for the chats. TrixX also did the base station icons in the sector map!

Sinnerman49: Early Beta Tester. Thanks for the patience with the 0.4.6 performance fiasco.

Temmetvance: Music guy, and provider of insight. You did the selfless job that others could not: Replace the awesome music with dull, creative commons music. Thanks.

JB: Early Beta Tester. Thanks for breaking things. You are the breaker of all things.

PD: Beta Tester. My fellow Canadian, thanks for the OCV attack and feedback.

Cretease: The installer creator, and provider of much feedback.

Curlsworth: Latecomer. Thanks for your help with the fog! Valuable feedback. Screenshot dude.

Alex: Curlsworth's girlfriend. Thank you for your expertise. Your few comments made a world of difference.

Moonrat: Suns. And the Terran background (that I felt compelled to Gaussian blur). Also the earth planet texture! That was also Moonrat's. Thanks for reminding me, bud.

AB: The guy who originally slaved over the music until misfortune befell his drives.

Vayde: Rest in peace, friend.

Tahlmorra: Tireless porter of Forum bugs to the Litcube's List (of things to fix), ambassador, core team member, think tank, helper, and creator of the T.A.H.L.

Sparky: Tireless porter of forum bugs.

Larxyz: Contributor of new HQ & Xenon station model specifically for LU.

CriP & XeNoN: Contributor of the Xenon V. I love that model.

Joubarbe: The most prolific modder of LU. Proliferator of forum buffoonery.

Dizzy/Memeics: Contributed a lot of code to the 1.6.2 patch, LU promoter, and GOG stream dude

Willfe: Over 2,000 Litcube's Universe videos and counting, makes up for 97.5% of our advertising infrastructure.